Fragmented Ink (1980).
Novella composed in London and published in Berkeley later the same year. 15 loose pages in spraypainted calligraphic folder.
Piano Key Transparency (1982)
Novella begun in 1975, finished in 1981 and published in 1982. This was the first Inkblot Publication, issued simultaneously with a Brion Gysin title. 100 copies printed, all with original cover artwork.
11 Drawings 1980-2007 (2008)
Eleven favourites from over the years, including one reproduction from 'The Book of Art' (1970). Limited to 25 signed copies.
Drawings from the Puna Coast (2011)
10 colour reproductions from ink and oil pastel drawings composed February 2010 on the Big Island of Hawai'i. Limited to 35 signed copies.
Tropical Delusion:
A Fractured Memoir.

Oakland, Providence, Dijon, wine, further travels & more.
The Book of Art 1970.
The earliest inkblot drawings, probably done in science class.
Drawings 2006-2011.
10 reproductions of recent ink and oil pastel drawings.

All titles published by Inkblot Publications and available from Aftermathbook Books